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I recently made this gifset in all good fun, but this scene really fucked me up when I thought about it more because it made me realize that Terra is one of the kindest, genuine, most amazing characters from the series and here’s why.

When Terra first enters the Enchanted…


wouldnt it be cool to just like not feel nervous about everything all the time

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"Wha-….. hey D: I didn’t get to do my finishing move!”

Run away little heartless!  Possibly a little counter productive for Kairi though…

GIFs and a few screencaps.  Based on a fanart I did a few weeks back (that’s based on this bit of official business).  There were a lot of details to follow in this costume, oy…

I put an uncut GIF on DA and, again, video on YouTube

A lapse in sanity may have led me to animate this…

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and then she screencapped it


Sasha and Connie for Most Romantic Couple Award 2014. Happy Birthday Sasha babe! <3


he was playing this song btw

Put “I like the view” in my ask and my character will react to yours saying that after accidentally catching mine naked.

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View the fullsize tutorial on DA | The most handy hair structure tutorials are this video by Proko and thisblog post.These are useful for thinking about the direction hair locks flow with different styles: 1 2 3 4 5 | Painting Realistic Hair | Shading with gradients: 1 2 | Tutorials by me including: Gimp Brush Dynamics, Coloring Eyes and Coloring Method.

All example characters are fromThe Silver Eye webcomic!


He was never worried. He’s just tolerating it now…

idk sometimes I like drawing in a cartoony style




Just a casual reminder that Mikasa almost died if it wasn’t for Jean saving her.

also casual reminder that just because you might be worth 100 soldiers or an entire brigade you can still die at anytime by anything in an instant

Another casual reminder that Jean punched a motherfucking titan in the motherfucking eye


Tuesday Tips - FOLDS

More on folds today. I will eventually cover all types of folds but today is about simple folds on everyday clothes (t-shirt, jeans). The key is to know what to expect and then applying what you know to simplify what you see in front of you (when life drawing). A lot of the folds dynamics on shirts and jeans come from the “memory” of the fabric itself. Denim is thick and is likely to keep some form of wrinkles or folds around certain areas (knees). A lot of zig-zag patterns around the knee is very likely. When pushed down on the feet, the denim fabric will bunch up and combine with the zig-zag pattern. Shirts and t-shirts will react to the twist and pull of the arms and torso. Identify where the pull (or tension) is coming from and work from it. I tend to draw the seams because they clearly express the volumes underneath.